Events / HYBRID Hope Center/Neurology Monday Noon Seminar

HYBRID Hope Center/Neurology Monday Noon Seminar

12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.
Zoom/Holden Auditorium (Farrell LTC, Medical Campus)

Kyungdeok Kim, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Kipnis lab, WashU Pathology & Immunology

Talk title: TBD

This Monday Noon seminar mini-series is co-hosted by the WashU Hope Center for Neurological Disorders and Department of Neurology.

Mini-series: Pathological Influences on Glia in Neurologic Disease

Organizer: Sarah Ackerman (WashU Pathology & Immunology)

  • February 12: Anusha Mishra (Oregon Health & Science University)
  • February 19: Kyungdeok Kim (Kipnis lab, WashU Pathology & Immunology)
  • February 26: Valeria Cavalli (WashU Neuroscience)
  • March 4: Celeste Karch (WashU Psychiatry)

Full schedule, Hope Center Monday Noon Seminars

For inquiries contact the Hope Center.